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Heron Landing Golf Hole Descriptions

Hole # 1
Par 4 Black 446 Blue 442 White 394 Red 360 Handicap 4 The opening hole is a slight dogleg left requiring a tee shot to a generous landing area flanked by trees. A mid-iron approach shot to the large green must avoid a pond to the right and a single bunker protecting the left side.

Hole # 2
Par 3 Black 162 Blue 143 White 117 Red 108 Handicap 18 The first par 3 on the course requires a mid-iron tee shot over water to an undulating green protected by three strategically positioned bunkers. Wind from the north-west will make club selection challenging.

Hole # 3
Par 4 Black 408 Blue 386 White 361 Red 317 Handicap 10 The third hole is a medium length par 4 that doglegs slightly to the left. The tee shot should avoid a pond and trees to the right of the fairway. The long approach shot to the green, which slopes right to left, must play right of a large greenside bunker.

Hole # 4
Par 5 Black 518 Blue 483 White 424 Red 424 Handicap 8 The fourth hole is a double dogleg par 5 with trouble at every turn. The difficult tee shot must avoid a single fairway bunker that pinches the landing area. The second shot must be positioned between ponds on both side of the fairway, while playing short of a second fairway bunker. The long, narrow green is protected by water in front. The slope of the green, from back to front, will challenge those that hit their shot past the pin.

Hole # 5
Par 4 Black 353 Blue 328 White 303 Red 282 Handicap 16 The fifth hole is a short par that doglegs slightly to the right. A pond on the left side of the fairway must be avoided from the tee, while bunkers strategically placed in the landing area will challenge big hitters. The small, sloped green is protected by two deep pot bunkers.

Hole # 6
Par 3 Black 175 Blue 154 White 145 Red 135 Handicap 12 The sixth hole is a tough par 3 that requires an accurate tee shot over a finger of Frog Creek to an angled green protected by a large bunker to the left and a severely slope grassy swale to the right.

Hole # 7
Par 4 Black 429 Blue 406 White 374 Red 344 Handicap 2 This long par 4 may be the most difficult hole on the front nine. The tee shot must be carefully positioned in the narrow fairway, that is flanked on both sides by large trees, while avoiding a grassy swale to the right side. The fairway, intersected by a small creek past the landing area, swings to the right requiring a long-iron approach shot to a terraced green protected by a bunker and numerous grassy hollows.

Hole # 8
Par 4 Black 385 Blue 360 White 312 Red 264 Handicap 14 The eighth hole, a short par 4 that doglegs left, is a true risk and reward hole. From the tee, players must play over a creek and have an option of playing to the right or left of a split fairway. To the right the fairway is more generous, yet the approach shot must carry 3 bunkers. Playing to the left side, the fairway is more difficult. as players must avoid two fairway bunkers; however, a successful drive will set up an easier approach shot to the green. Regardless of the route, players must avoid Frog Creek, Which is located along the entire left side.

Hole # 9
Par 5 Black 519 Blue 494 White 464 Red 433 Handicap 6 The finishing hole for the front nine is a medium length par 5 that doglegs left, following the picturesque Frog Creek. The fairway is interrupted by a small creek located past the landing area. Second shots must avoid Specimen oak trees positioned along the fairway, as well as a large fairway bunker on the left side. Short iron approach shots must clear a single bunker in front of the green, while grassy hollows await player that hit their shot past the green.

Hole # 10
Par 4 Black 442 Blue 420 White 360 Red 344 Handicap 1 The tenth hole is a long par four, dogleg right that plays along the bank of Frog Creek from start to finish. Tee shots must be played over the creek while avoiding a single fairway bunker in the landing area that forces players to hug the trees on the left. From the landing area, players must thread a long-iron approach through trees to a narrow green that is perched close to the creek and protected by a single bunker.

Hole # 11
Par 3 Black 185 Blue 170 White 153 Red 138 Handicap 17 The eleventh hole may be the most scenic hole on the course as it overlooks Rainy Lake. Long-iron tee shots must be played to a large green with deep bunkers on three sides. The green crowned in the middle make the back right tee position difficult to find.

Hole # 12
Par 5 Black 540 Blue 525 White 465 Red 457 Handicap 9 The twelfth hole is typical of the Northern Ontario landscape as rock outcroppings dominate the view from the elevated tee. Players must aim at two large fairway bunkers on the right side and play a draw (for the right handed) towards the the center of the generous, tree-lined fairway. From the landing area, Second shots must be played slightly up hill to a landing area partially obscured by rock. The green is angled to the right and guarded by deep grassy hollows in front.

Hole # 13
Par 4 Black 437 Blue 414 White 388 Red 346 Handicap 13 The thirteenth hole is a long dogleg right par 4 with tree lined fairways. Two fairway bunkers on the right side force players left off the tee. A mid-iron approach shot is required to a large green flanked by a large bunker on the left.

Hole # 14
Par 4 Black 434 Blue 411 White 390 Red 353 Handicap 5 A straight away, medium length par 4 cut through trees directs players at the fourteenth. A fairway bunker on the right side forces players left, while the green is protected with two bunkers, a large trap in the front and a small pot bunker on the back left.

Hole # 15
Par 4 Black 408 Blue 379 White 353 Red 318 Handicap 15 The fifteenth hole is a par 4 that doglegs right. Carved through the trees, the fairway is protected by a pond on the left and two large bunkers at the turning point. From the landing area, players must hit mid-iron approach shots slightly uphill to a green flanked by bunkers left and grassy hollows to the right.

Hole # 16
Par 3 Black 214 Blue186 White 145 Red 138 Handicap 7 The sixteenth hole is the longest par 3 on the course and requires a long-iron that carries the bend in Frog Creek to a long narrow green that lies perpendicular to the shot. Two deep bunkers in front of the green demand pin-point accuracy from the tee which will play into the wind on most days.

Hole # 17
Par 4 Black 437 Blue 404 White 369 Red 339 Handicap 11 The seventeenth hole is a challenging par 4 with Frog Creek positioned along the entire right side of the hole. The fairway is framed by large trees and subtle mounding on the left. Approach shots must be played across a narrow creek to a green protected by a large bunker on the left and large oak trees to the right.

Hole # 18
Par 5 Black 582 Blue 559 White 509 Red 457 Handicap 3 The final hole is not only memorable, but will be considered one of the signature holes for the golf course. This demanding par 5 requires a tee shot that avoids the creek along the entire right side, as well as two fairway bunkers on the left that pinch the landing area. Long hitters may take a fairway wood and hit across the creek to the green site perched along the far bank of the creek. Shorter hitters must play left along the creek to a landing area flanked by a single fairway bunker. From this elevated position, a short-iron approach must carry sixty yards across the creek to the large, subtly contoured green.